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The dreams and labors of love of many of our past founders have created a community-minded healthcare system over the last 120 years that is continuing to grow today. Since 1970, Cuero Regional Hospital has served the citizens of Cuero, Goliad, Kenedy, Nixon, Westhoff, Yoakum, Yorktown and all rural communities that lie between with pride and care. In 2017, CCH was rebranded Cuero Regional Hospital. Our EIN number for Cuero Health is 74-6075588.



Dr. Joe Henry Reuss established a temporary hospital called Salome in the upper part of the Catholic school.


Salome soon became inadequate. A Hospital Association was formed to raise money and oversee building a new Salome Hospital on Factory Hill (top of Morgan Avenue). Dr. Joe Henry Reuss was named manager and superintendent.


Burns Hospital opened as a private, nonsectarian establishment by Dr. John W. Burns. It was named in honor of his father, Columbus Burns. Dr. Burns had cared for patients in the Salome Hospital before opening Burns Hospital.


Dr. Joe Henry Reuss purchased the Salome Hospital from the Hospital Association and built a new building which he called Reuss Memorial Hospital, in memory of his father, Dr. J.M. Reuss.


Dr. J.M. Reuss died and thereafter the Reuss Memorial Hospital was purchased by Dr. Sterling Boothe, who changed the name to Boothe Hospital.


Dr. John W. Burns sold Burns Hospital to the Sisters of Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament of Shriner. They managed the hospital until 1972, when it was torn down.


Dr. Boothe offered Boothe Hospital to the Lutheran Church, which accepted and changed the name to Lutheran Hospital Reuss Memorial.


Dr. A.J. Bohman leased Lutheran Hospital Reuss Memorial from the Lutheran Board.


Dr. A.J. Bohman purchased Lutheran Hospital Reuss Memorial and operated it until 1957.


Cuero's osteopathic hospital was established and owned by Dr. Carl R. Stratton and his sons, Dr. Richard L. Stratton and Dr. James A. Stratton. It closed when Cuero Community Hospital opened in 1970.


Dr. A.J. Bohman converted Lutheran Hospital Reuss Memorial into a foundation known as the Cuero Hospital Foundation until 1971.


Cuero Community Hospital opened its doors.


Cuero Hospital Foundation was closed and all assets and money were given to the new Cuero Community Hospital, making the Foundation their largest contributor.


Burns Hospital was torn down.

Major projects/additions


  • September 1970
    Cuero Community Hospital opened Sept. 8, 1970, licensed for 92 beds. The hospital was originally staffed by employees from Burns Hospital and Cuero Hospital Foundation, which included several Catholic nuns who lived in what became the LVN school building on the back of the hospital property.


  • 1981
    Emergency Medical Service established and housed at LVN School.
  • 1984 October
    Home Health opens.


  • 1992
    New construction of the ER, ICU, EMS and Education Classroom.
  • 1993
    Medical Plaza completed.
  • 1995
    Hospital's 25th anniversary time capsule buried on the front property; DeWitt Medical Foundation organized.
  • 1998
    Childbirth Center added, complete with an outside Angel Courtyard along with a hydrotherapy pool for P.T.
  • 1998 April
    Heritage Program established.


  • 2001 January
    Building addition for specialty physicians currently used for Heritage program
  • 2001
    Operating Room expansion.
  • 2003 May
    Cuero Wellness Center opens.
  • 2005 September
    CCH received the Award of Excellence from Texas Medical Foundation. Out of 203 entries, 23 Texas hospitals met the criteria of the highest award.
  • 2005
    CCH purchases a 64-slice CT scan.
  • 2007 January
    CCH became a tobacco-free campus.
  • 2007 June
    CCH receives the Award of Excellence from Texas Medical Foundation. Of more than 390 eligible Texas hospitals, 63 met the criteria for this award.
  • 2008 January
    Expansion and new construction begin for new MRI, Outpatient and P.T. Center.
  • 2009 May
    The new High-Field True Open MRI with ambient experience made by Philips installed as part of the expansion projects.


  • 2011 June
    Belle Terry Elder Women's Center opens. CCH mammography & bone density equipment upgrade and department remodeled.
  • 2012 August
    New construction of VC School of Nursing building, Cuero campus.
  • 2013 June
    CCH Main Entrance Renovation to include Hamilton-Wallis Chapel and expansion of CCH Volunteer Services.