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State-of-the-art imaging, close to home

If you or a loved one needs an MRI scan or a mammogram, it's good to know that you don't have to leave town for the latest technology.

Since last year, Cuero Regional Hospital (CRH) has been offering advanced imaging with its 3T MRI and 3-D mammography machines.

The 3T MRI scanner provides the most detailed pictures available of internal organs, soft tissues, bones and other structures. It also has a larger bore for patients to pass through—a relief for the claustrophobic among us.

The 3-D mammography unit offers women more accurate mammograms. This machine allows doctors to see multiple layers of breast tissue, making it an especially superior choice for detecting cancer in women with dense breasts.

Research shows that this Genius™ mammography unit can find an average of 41% more invasive breast cancers compared to standard 2-D mammography exams. It also reduces callbacks for additional pictures by up to 40%.

Having both these machines exemplifies CRH's commitment to providing our community with the latest and best technology available for your health care.

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Make the most of your mammogram

Genius™ 3D Mammography™ is more accurate than a 2-D mammogram. It may detect more cancers—and reduce callbacks. Call 361.275.0170 to schedule your exam. And check out our tips for a more comfortable, accurate exam.


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