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BFit Community Slimdown Contest Launches Next Week

Hospital news | Monday, February 18, 2019

Contact: Lynn Falcone, CEO

Cuero, Texas: It's almost time for Bfit's 2019 Community Slimdown contest! The contest starts with an initial weigh in from February 25- March 3, 2019 with required weigh in's following every Wednesday. There will be a $25 entry fee for Bfit Cuero Wellness Center members and $50 for non-members. Non-members may use the facility during the eight-week contest period.

How it works

Participants will receive a point for every pound they lose and a point for every % of their weight loss. Participants can earn bonus points for attending group fitness classes and attending educational talks during the eight-week period. See below for complete overview and rules.

BFit Community Slimdown Challenge

1. Fee

  • Entry fee is $25 per contestant for members and $50 for non-members. Nonmembers may use the facility for the 8 week period.

2. Weigh In's

  • First weigh in's will be from February 25th-March 3rd at the Wellness Center during staffed hours.
  • Following that the weekly weigh in's will be on Wednesday. No exceptions. Whole numbers will be taken for your weight. Decimals will not be recorded.
  • The first and last weigh in is required to be done.
  • You must attend the first, last and 4 of the remaining weigh in's. If you miss more than 2 weigh in's, the first weigh or the last weigh in, you will automatically disqualify yourself from the competition.
  • For missed weigh in's, your previous weigh in will count as the missed one.
  • For the weigh in, you must wear a shirt and shorts/pants/skirt/dress, etc. You should remove shoes, jewelry, belts, etc. and empty your pockets.

3. Wellness Center Classes

  • Bfit classes are free for the participants who currently do not have a membership for the duration of the contest. Sign in at the Front desk before class.
  • Also, each week a workout will be emailed to participants and a healthy recipe to keep them active.

4. Point System

  • The winner will be determined by a culmination of points.
    • 1 point awarded for every pound that you lose
    • 1 point awarded for every % of your weight loss
  • Bonus Points
    • You may get 1 bonus point for each fitness class you attend at the Wellness Center (max of 5 bonus points). There is a form attached to the rules that you and the class instructor must complete to achieve the bonus points.
    • You can also get bonus points by attending one of the educational talks we will have throughout the 8 week contest.

5. Prizes

  • Individual Prizes:
    • The winnings will be split between the top males and top females.
    • First place male and female will also receive 6 months free gym membership and 3 personal training sessions
    • 2nd place 3 months free membership and 2 personal training sessions
    • 3rd place 1 month free membership and 1 personal training session

Winners will receive free Cuero Wellness Center memberships, personal training sessions and more!

"Our hope is that with a little healthy competition, it may energize and inspire community members to take advantage of all the great resources we have at Cuero Wellness Center and see great results once they step on the scale," said Tami Brzozowski, Cuero Wellness Center Manager.

For more information, call Cuero Wellness Center at 361-275-9355 or follow Cuero Wellness Center's Facebook Page for updates: