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Conoco Phillips Presents $10,000 Check to DeWitt Medical Foundation c/o Cuero Regional Hospital for COVID-19 Support

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Cuero Health: Conoco Phillips Presents $10,000 Check to DeWitt Medical Foundation c/o Cuero Regional Hospital for COVID-19 Support

Cuero, TX— DeWitt Medical Foundation was notified in late June that Cuero Health/Cuero Regional Hospital would receive a gift of $10,000 from ConocoPhillips specifically for COVID-19 relief.

“This gift is truly incredible and comes to our local hospital at a much-needed time in our fight against the coronavirus right here at home. We are currently experiencing a surge of patients to both hospitals and clinics and will use this gift to keep our facilities sanitized and clean,” said Lynn Falcone, CEO of Cuero Health. “Specifically, the $10,000 COVID-19 relief gift from ConocoPhillips will be used towards the purchase of a Skytron UVC Disinfection ultraviolet light that will disinfect several key areas of our hospital, including the surgical suites. This effective, whole-room disinfection device delivers the correct dose to ensure maximum automated germicidal treatment. Now, more than ever, we must embrace tools that will help keep our patients and staff safe. This is a welcome solution and now possible thanks to the support from our community partner Conoco Phillips,” said Falcone.

According to ConocoPhillips’ website, since February, ConocoPhillips has donated $1.3 million in relief aid to help communities fight COVID-19. “ConocoPhillips is honored to support the heroic healthcare workers fighting on the front line of this pandemic,” said Harmony Jurkash, stakeholder relations director for ConocoPhillips. “We hope this donation will help strengthen our community’s defenses as we continue to work together to fight this deadly disease.”

“In a continued effort to minimize our community’s exposure to COVID-19 especially while in our facility, Cuero Health is proud of our board’s support, as well as the ConocoPhillips COVID-19 relief funding, to make the purchase of the ultraviolet light possible. We continue to develop innovative solutions in this evolving situation and we want to thank ConocoPhillips for their stewardship to the communities we serve. I am extremely proud to work alongside our Cuero Health staff who make the choice each and every day to make the care of others their priority and who continually focus on finding solutions,” said Falcone.

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