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Cuero Health Employees Recognized for Years of Service

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Contact: Lynn Falcone, CEO

Cuero, Texas: On Wednesday, Dec. 18th, Cuero Health employees gathered to celebrate the holiday season with a holiday party. The Hospital’s CHAMPS group organized a fiesta holiday theme dinner, with employees contributing side dishes. This gathering also presented a time for fellowship across departments and clinics, as well as an opportunity for the leadership team to present plaques and certificates for years of service.

The following employees were recognized for their contributions over the years to Cuero Health:

2019 Service Awards and Recognition


5 Years

Maggie Hopkins, Home Health

Brooke Leopold, ICU

Ariana Guerra, OB

Billy Jordan, EMS

Katelyn Mraz, EMS

Helen Whittington, Clinic Admin

Cynthia Lange, Parkside Family Clinic

Carolyn Roy, Parkside Family Clinic

Beverly Bodden, Parkside Family Clinic

Summer Laake, Parkside Family Clinic

Lera Castro, Clinic Admin

Tiffany Lemke, Cardiopulmonary

Beverly Woytek, PAS

Carolina Cabellero, PAS

Patricia Lichey, PAS

Teodora Watson, PAS

Carol Drozd, Business Office

10 Years

Josephine Cardenas, PAS

Marie Jackson, Ultrasound

Mark Jackson, Ultrasound

15 Years

Tyler Lemke, Radiology

20 Years

Connie Bujnoch, Radiology

Elisa Fetters, Business Office

David Dorris, ICU

Nancy Doehrman, Home Health

25 Years

Susan Edwards, Materials Management

Angela McKinney, Materials Management

Kristine Schroeder, IS

Greg Pritchett, Clinic Admin

Sheila Yancey, Med/Surg

Natalie Hall, Med/Surg

Brenda Martin, Cardiopulmonary

30 Years

Denise McMahan, Asst. Administrator

35 Years

Debby Keech, Switchboard

40 Years

Lydia Gomez, HIM

2019 Service Awards and Recognition


5 Years

Erlinda Ramirez-PAS

Ester Vasquez-PAS

Lupe Arguellez-PAS

Lorna Walker-PAS

Maria D Garza-PAS

Stacey Farmer- Lab

Petra English-EMS

Ashley Moreno-EMS

Charlotte Anderson-EMS

Jeff Hall-Parkside

Cynthia Martinez-Lab

Elizabeth Podsim-Cardiopulmonary

15 Years

Dale Malone-EMS

Juan Solis-EMS

Steven Stary-EMS

Mark Baros-EMS

35 Years

Freddie Solis-EMS

“We extend our thanks and congratulate those employees celebrating milestone anniversaries this year. We are truly blessed to have long-term dedicated employees with experience ranging from 5 to 30+ years of service. Their experience helps our new team members to grow and flourish in their roles,” said Lynn Falcone, CEO of Cuero Health.