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Cuero Health Employees Recognized for Years of Service

Hospital news | Thursday, December 13, 2018

Contact: Lynn Falcone, CEO

Cuero, Texas: On Thursday, Dec. 14, Cuero Health employees gathered to celebrate the holiday season with a holiday party. The Hospital's CHAMPS group organized a fiesta holiday theme dinner, with employees contributing side dishes. This gathering also presented a time for fellowship across departments and clinics, distribution of Christmas bonuses, as well as an opportunity for the leadership team to present plaques and certificates for years of service.

The following employees were recognized for their contributions over the years to Cuero Health:

2018 Service Awards and Recognition

5 yrs
Michelle Deleon, Yorktown Medical Clinic
Laura Pacek, Yorktown Medical Clinic
Nilda Reyna, Yorktown Medical Clinic
Lisa Demmer, Yorktown Medical Clinic
Bonnie Schley, Cuero Medical Clinic
Marilyn Tieken, Cuero Medical Clinic
Lyndsay Timpone, Parkside Family Clinic
Mary Gail Moody, Kenedy Family Practice
Christy Villanueva , Kenedy Family Practice
Randall Burk, Medical/Surgical
Valerie Cordova, Registration
Lillie Mansfiled, PHC/CBA
Michael Hudgeons, Lab
Shay Arriaga, ICU

10 yrs
Amanda Gomez, Hospital Information Management
Kristen Nessel, Childbirth Center
Brenda Toledo, Materials Management

15 yrs
Jody Hall, ER
Sylvia Rodriguez, Radiology
Lacey Sammons, Medical/Surgical

20 yrs
Vicky Blank, Business Office
Pam Drozd, Business Office
Christina Dromgoole, Cuero Home Health

25 yrs
Donna Parker, ICU/PACU
Berlinda Salazar, Childbirth Center
Cheryl Psencik, Case Management

30 yrs
Ada Bryand, Central Scheduling

35 yrs
Letisia Olguin, Business Office
Dorothy Heyer, Business Office

5 yrs
Euresha Johnson, OB
Nelda Huber, Cuero Medical Clinic
Loy Tieken, Cuero Medical Clinic
Donna Villarreal, Kenedy Family Practice
Ludivina Garcia, Yorktown Medical Clinic
Teodora Watson, PHC/CBA
Patricia Lichey, PHC/CBA
Sara Martinez , PHC/CBA

15 yrs
Dale Malone, EMS
Carlton McBride, EMS
Juan Solis, EMS
Steven Stary, EMS
Blanca McBride, EMS
Mark Baros, EMS
Lois Muehlstein, Cuero Home Health

25 yrs
Karen Johnston, Lab

30 yrs
Frances Liendo, Environmental Services

"A special thank you to those employees celebrating milestone anniversaries. We are truly blessed to have long term dedicated employees with experience ranging from 5 to 30+ years of service. Their experience helps our new team members to grow and flourish in their roles," said Lynn Falcone, CEO of Cuero Health.