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Cuero Medical Clinic Awarded the Inaugural Tessen Award

Hospital news | Friday, September 30, 2022

Contact: Tamara Kainer

Press Release-for immediate release

Round Rock, TX: - At the TORCH/TARCH Fall Conference & Tradeshow, held on September 14, 2022 the Cuero Medical Clinic, was awarded the inaugural Tessen Award.

The Tessen Award was named after Robert (Sam) Tessen who was a pioneer in establishing the rural health clinic designation and advocating for all clinics at the state and federal level.

Cuero Medical Clinic is a community clinic that clearly meets the award criteria and has demonstrated an enduring ability to drive community health and value through primary care.

“Our recognition goes to a clinic that is the primary healthcare provider for their community, but so much more than that,” said Jennifer O’Riley, Executive Director for the Texas Association of Rural Health Clinics (TARHC). “From vaccine clinics, to health education, to chronic care management, and staff huddles within the walls of the clinic. The staff is also active in the community…on the sidelines at football games, volunteering at a local church or non-profit. They truly go above and beyond and represent what this award truly stands for.,” she said.

Additionally, the Cuero Medical Clinic has also reduced staff turnover by two-thirds during the pandemic - at a time when healthcare is struggling with recruitment and retention of personnel. This is a testament to the work environment and staff morale and the overall culture of Cuero Medical Clinic. “I couldn’t be more proud of my team,” said Lynn Falcone, CEO, of Cuero Regional Hospital. “The physicians, clinical & operational teams all work together to provide the best possible care to our community and the patients we serve. We are truly honored to be awarded with this recognition and are thankful for privilege to serve this community.”

There are approximately 330 rural health clinics throughout the state of Texas and about 60% of these clinics are affiliated with a rural & community hospital. Together the rural health clinics and community hospitals serve roughly 3.8 million Texans.