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Cuero Regional Hospital & Cuero Family Clinics Seek Understanding and Support as COVID 19 Cases Hit Critical Level

Hospital news | Tuesday, January 18, 2022

On Behalf of the Board of Directors, I along with the Leadership team at Cuero Regional Hospital would like to make a simple request for patients seeking care at CRH or any of the clinics—be kind. This latest surge is exhausting your healthcare team, many of them pulling additional shifts as their co-workers are home ill or working in other departments to cover and maintain vital services.

Early in the COVID 19 pandemic, health care workers were regarded as heroes. Now, we are hearing from staff members that they are sometimes being met with demeaning comments, and verbal abuse from patients. This greatly impacts staff morale. We do understand your frustrations with longer waits, frustration in finding testing supplies or locations, appointment delays, etc. The staff at Cuero Regional Hospital is doing their very best to keep up with this latest surge and supply shortages; still ensuring that medical services remain constant and functioning. Yet support and compassion is dwindling.

I ask you to please consider your actions and words carefully when interacting with our Cuero Health staff; have patience and understanding when seeking care. Work with –not against—us. Your Cuero Health care workers are exhausted, and they need your support. We have been fighting against this virus for over two years and are doing our best to carry on under the continued mental and physical strain daily.

We kindly ask for you to be on our team. Your input does matter to us and we appreciate your respect at this time when COVID 19 has risen to a critical level in our entire community and taxing our healthcare system. Please know you do matter to us and to our staff and, with positive support, our team spirit is uplifted. Let us respond to each other with kindness and respect during these challenging times. We thank you for choosing Cuero Regional Hospital and the staff for your healthcare needs. We will be there for you and your family when you need access to care. You do matter!

Dr. John Frels

President, Cuero Regional Hospital Board of Directors