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Cuero Regional Hospital to Launch Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation June 4, 2020

Hospital news | Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Cuero, Texas: Cuero Regional Hospital, with the leadership of cardiopulmonary rehab program medical director Dr. William Craig, launched a comprehensive cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program in June 2020. The program, monitored by a trained registered nurse and registered respiratory therapist, is a medically supervised program designed to improve patients’ heart & lung health if they have experienced a heart attack, heart failure, had heart surgery, have chronic respiratory disease or if cardiopulmonary rehab is prescribed by the patient’s doctor for any heart and/or lung issues. The cardiopulmonary program will consist of one hour of monitored personalized exercise sessions usually up to three times a week for 36 sessions, providing this much needed service close to home for patients in DeWitt and surrounding counties.

“Given the need to provide this vital service to our patients so they don’t have to travel so far, we are thrilled to launch cardiopulmonary rehab services at CRH. The program consists of exercise counseling/training, education for heart & lung healthy living and stress reduction counseling, all monitored by a trained registered nurse and registered respiratory therapist, ensuring that the patient receives personalized care for their condition,” said Jennifer Janssen, ICU/PACU/Day Surgery Director at Cuero Regional Hospital.

“For those that have had a heart issue/heart attack or suffer from chronic respiratory disease, participating in a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program is one of the best things they can do to move forward,” said Brenda Martin, Cardiopulmonary Director at Cuero Regional Hospital. “The pulmonary rehabilitation portion of the program is a restorative and preventative process for patients with chronic respiratory disease. Our new cardiopulmonary rehab program is medically supervised to help our patients improve their health and well-being, as well as change lifestyle habits for better quality of life.”

“The benefits of the program are incredible. Participation in the program lowers the chances of a second heart attack or surgery, reduces overall risk of a future cardiac event, lessens chest pain, aids in weight loss, as well as helps to control risk factors like high blood pressure and cholesterol,” said Lynn Falcone, CEO of Cuero Health. “Given the tremendous health benefits to our patients, as well as providing this service locally so they don’t have to travel several times a week, is a win for both our hospital and our patients.

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