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Cuero Regional Hospital Launches Outpatient Tele-Endocrinology Program

Hospital news | Thursday, February 25, 2021

Cuero Regional Hospital launched an outpatient tele-endocrinology program via their Outpatient Specialty Clinic in late February to provide patients access to a highly qualified endocrinologist across the rural communities they serve. This tele-endocrinology program was launched in partnership with Access Physicians, a national telehealth service provider organization.

A less common telemedicine specialty, tele-endocrinologists can virtually treat diabetes, thyroid disease, osteoporosis, and other diseases related to the endocrine glands and hormones. Dr. Akhil Shenoy, endocrinologist with Access Physicians, will see patients via telehealth in Cuero Regional Hospital’s Outpatient Specialty Clinic the second and fourth Fridays of the month. Appointments can be made by calling 361-275-0170 or talk to your medical provider about a referral.

Pictured above is Dr. Akhil Shenoy

Tele-endocrinology is the delivery of endocrinology through real time videoconferencing. It is proven to be an effective form of care delivery and a convenient, cost-effective way to safely provide this specialty care without traveling some distance to see a specialist.

Dr. Akhil Shenoy shared, “I value my time with my patients and listen keenly in order to provide patient-centered solutions. I am excited to apply my values in telemedicine to help shape the health of patients and communities in and around Dewitt County,” said Shenoy.

CRH partnered with Access Physicians in early 2019 to launch telecardiology services and found the need to grow telemedicine services to include telepsychiatry after glowing testimonials from both patients and hospital staff. Now, they are pleased to add the tele-endocrinology service to their Outpatient Clinic.

“Since our rural area did not have access to an endocrinologist, we sought out a telehealth solution to meet the needs of the communities we serve,” said Lynn Falcone, CEO of Cuero Health. “Prior to implementing the tele-endocrinology outpatient program at Cuero Regional Hospital, patients had to travel great distances and often wait weeks or even months for appointments. Thanks to tele-endocrinology, Cuero Regional Hospital is able to provide appointments to our patients and reduce costly, time-consuming commutes for them,” said Falcone.

“Given the staggering number of individuals in Texas that are living with diabetes, tele-endocrinology is a great solution, particularly in rural parts of South Texas where there is a shortage of nearby access to providers,” said Falcone. “We are dedicated to increasing specialists’ access to our patients and this is a smart way to ensure our patients are getting the care that they need on a consistent basis.”

Those interested in seeing the endocrinologist at Cuero Regional Hospital’s Outpatient Specialty Clinic are encouraged to speak with their primary medical care provider about a referral or call 361-275-0170. For more information and the latest developments in telehealth, visit


About Access Physicians

Access Physicians is a multispecialty physician group committed to clinical excellence through telemedicine. Each day, countless Americans go without the care they need due to an inability to access a physician. Access Physicians seeks to systematically improve and regionalize patient care, delivered through a truly unique combination of clinical workflows, elite physicians committed to clinical excellence, and a world-class telemedicine experience supported with a clinical sense of urgency. Now one of the largest providers of inpatient telemedicine in the U.S., we build scalable programs to drive clinical and financial outcomes across the hospital enterprise. Learn more at

About Cuero Regional Hospital

Cuero Regional Hospital is located at 2550 N. Esplanade in Cuero, Texas and offers an ED- Level IV Trauma Center, on-staff General Surgeon, and a TeleStroke program, as well as TeleCardiology and TelePsychiatry program. For more information, visit or call (361) 275-6191.