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Cuero Regional Hospital Recognizes first Graduate of their Cardiopulmonary Rehab Program

Hospital news | Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Cuero, Texas: Cuero Regional Hospital, with the leadership of cardiac rehab program medical director Dr. William Craig, launched a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program in June 2020 and, recently celebrated their first cardiac rehab patient’s graduation from the program. The program, monitored by a trained registered nurse, is a medically supervised program designed to improve patients’ heart health if they have experienced a heart attack, heart failure, had heart surgery or if cardiac rehab is prescribed by the patient’s doctor for any heart issues. The cardiac program will consist of one hour of monitored personalized exercise sessions usually up to three times a week for 36 sessions, providing this much needed service close to home for patients in DeWitt and surrounding counties.

Dale Murray, the cardiac rehab’s first graduate, started his rehab on June 23 and completed a six-week program with 36 sessions. Dr. Gaalla, his cardiologist, recommended cardiac rehab to Mr. Murray. Per Jennifer Janssen, ICU/PACU/Day Surgery Director at Cuero Regional Hospital, his treatment included individualized exercise workouts with education regarding a heart healthy lifestyle.

“Given the need to provide this vital service to our patients close to home so they don’t have to travel so far, we were thrilled to launch cardiac rehab services at CRH in June and are ecstatic to celebrate our first graduate, Mr. Murray. The program utilizes exercise counseling/training, education for heart healthy living and stress reduction counseling, all monitored by a trained registered nurse, ensuring that the patient receives the personalized care for their condition,” said Janssen. “For those that have had a heart issue/heart attack, participating in a cardiac rehabilitation program is one of the best things they can do to move forward. Our cardiac rehab program is medically supervised to help our patients improve their health and well-being, as well as change lifestyle habits for better quality of life.”

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