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Cuero Regional Hospital to Resume Elective Surgeries

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Cuero Regional Hospital is pleased to announce its reopening of elective surgical cases on Wednesday, April 22, per executive order of Governor Greg Abbott and revisions to prior TMB guidance.

“Over the past several weeks, CRH has been very focused on the safety of our patients and staff during the COVID19 virus pandemic. As such, all elective surgeries were stopped per the previous executive order,” said Lynn Falcone, CEO of Cuero Health. “ Beginning Wednesday, CRH will perform surgical and endoscopy procedures to continue to provide much needed care to our patients. Cuero Regional Hospital can do this safely with in depth screening of patients prior to the procedure, as well as preserving the supply of PPE. The elective surgery patients will be in a separate unit with dedicated staff for patient safety,” said Falcone.

Falcone shared that CRH has tested several patients for COVID-19, most of whom were negative. Only a few patients have tested positive and even fewer have required inpatient care. To date, only two patients have required inpatient care at Cuero Regional Hospital and were subsequently discharged home. Nonetheless, CRH has been able to convert its ICU to a negative pressure unit to prepare for a surge of COVID-19 patients requiring inpatient care.

“Additionally, we have strict rules on use of PPE for our staff and are screening all visitors to the hospital and patients coming into the facility. All entrants must be masked. Staff are monitoring their temperatures and do not report to work with COVID-19 – type symptoms. I am very thankful for the work our staff has done to obtain and preserve PPE. We have implemented the CDC guidelines that help us re-use masks as appropriate while still keeping staff safe. We have been blessed to obtain cleanable face shields that allow re-use as well,” said Falcone.

“We look forward to caring for our community as we have for the last 50 years. If you need care, please call your Cuero Heath family physician or visit our emergency department – we are here for you and can care for you safely amidst this pandemic,” said Falcone. For more information and the latest updates from Cuero Health, please visit or follow us on Facebook: Cuero Regional Hospital.