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DeWitt Medical Foundation Honors Suzie Post’s 23 Years of Service

Foundation news | Wednesday, September 30, 2020

DeWitt Medical Foundation Honors Suzie Post’s 23 Years of Service

Cuero, TX— DeWitt Medical Foundation Board recently recognized Suzie Post’s 23 years of service as she is retiring from the board. This recognition was noted by Rep. Geanie Morrison who prepared a State of Texas resolution in her honor. This resolution was presented to Ms. Post by DeWitt Medical Foundation director Nikki Lantz and Cuero Health CEO Lynn Falcone.

“Suzie has been an absolute asset to DeWitt Medical Foundation, serving as a trustee from 1997 to 2020. Her service during this time included Vice President, President, Treasurer and Gala Chairman,” said Martin Leske, President of DeWitt Medical Foundation. “Her experience and expertise was greatly appreciated and will be missed by all serving on the board and we all want to thank her for active involvement over the years.”

From left to right: Nikki Lantz, DMF Director, Suzie Post, Resolution Honoree
and Lynn Falcone, CEO of Cuero Health

“DeWitt Medical Foundation has greatly benefited from Suzie’s knowledge and experience. She has been instrumental in the Foundation’s success over the years, offering her leadership, community-mindedness, and most of all her time that she gave as a volunteer on our board,” said Nikki Lantz, DeWitt Medical Foundation Director.

Per the resolution, her exceptional service to not only DeWitt Medication Foundation, but also other organizations was noted. These included the local Wildflower Association, Keep Cuero Beautiful and a longtime member of St. Michael’s Catholic Church, where she served as a lector and a Eucharistic minister.

Per the resolution: “WHEREAS, Through her hard work, dedication and vision, Suzie Post has greatly advanced the important mission of the DeWitt Medical Foundation, and she has earned lasting respect and admiration of all who have had the pleasure of working with her, now therefore be

RESOLVED That Suzie Post be honored for her many contributions the DeWitt Medical Foundation and Cuero Regional Hospital and that she be extended sincere best wishes for the future.”

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