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Medical Pillar of the Cuero Community Retires After Six Decades of Service

Hospital news | Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Contact: Tamara Kainer

Medical Pillar of the Cuero Community Retires After Six Decades of Service

“Dr. Raymond Reese truly treats the whole patient and that is the legacy he leaves”

CUERO, TX - On Friday, December 2, 2022, Dr. Raymond Reese retired, seeing his last patient right up to his retirement reception held at Cuero Regional Hospital. In typical Dr. Reese fashion, he arrived a few minutes late to his own reception due to his final patient visit going beyond the scheduled time, which speaks to the level of compassionate and patient care he has provided over his many years of service to DeWitt county and the surrounding counties.

“That is a testament to Dr. Reese’s legacy; the patient always comes first, even before his retirement,” said nurse to Dr. Reese, Lee Ann Solis, LVN at Cuero Medical Clinic.

Over 100 staff members, patients, friends, former hospital leadership and community members lined the halls of Cuero Regional Hospital to properly send off Dr. Reese. Many of the well wishers carried signs sharing their deep appreciation and respect for his legacy of compassionate care and, Dr. Reese worked his way down the hallway slowly, taking the extra time to read each one, sharing his memories along the path, as well as hugs and a few tears.

“Dr. Reese is the ultimate servant having cared for his community for more than 60 years as a family medicine physician in Cuero,” said Lynn Falcone, CEO of Cuero Regional Hospital.”He has delivered over 2,200 babies over the years, worked countless hours in the Emergency Room, has seen patients in the Bohman Clinic and Cuero Medical Clinic, and cared for admitted patients at Cuero Regional Hospital. Dr. Reese is a physician, and a true gentleman, dedicated to his faith, profession, and patients. They really don’t make physicians like him anymore,” said Falcone. “He truly treats the whole patient and that is the legacy he leaves.”

Dr. Reese’s advice is that “the art of medicine is so important – lay your hands on the patient and communicate with them. The patient depends on you and foremost, be humble.”

Cuero Regional Hospital honored Dr. Reese’s retirement, as well as his undying love for the Cuero Gobblers as a Cuero graduate himself, with a Cuero Gobblers letterman’s jacket, complete with Cuero Regional Hospital logos on the sleeves of the jacket. Falcone shared in her remarks during the presentation of the letterman’s jacket, “Dr. Reese is the biggest Cuero Gobbler fan in the county, so we are pleased to present you with an updated Gobbler letterman’s jacket.”

Next, Cuero Mayor Sara Post Meyer addressed the large audience, “Outside of his patients, many of you probably recall seeing Dr. Reese out coaching the area little leagues, often out on the baseball diamond still wearing his hospital lab coat.” Meyer then read a proclamation on behalf of the City of Cuero and Cuero City Council.

City of Cuero

DeWitt County, Texas


On the Occasion of his Retirement

Dr. Raymond R. Reese

Whereas, we are here today to express special recognition to Dr. Raymond R.Reese and to honor him for his distinguished sixty plus year career as a family physician serving Cuero, Texas; and

Whereas, Dr. Reese graduated from Cuero High School in 1953 and went to the University of Texas at Austin and obtained his bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy in 1957; and

Whereas, Dr. Reese went on to UTMB Galveston and completed his medical degree in 1961 and his residency at Scott and White Memorial Hospital in Temple, Texas in 1962; and

Whereas, Dr. Reese has provided compassionate care to the Cuero community,always focused on the patients wellbeing; and

Whereas, Cuero Regional Hospital and the entire Cuero community wish to express its sincere appreciation to Dr. Reese for his dedication to the outstanding care of his patients over the last sixty years; and

Whereas, this proclamation is presented to Dr. Raymond Reese to serve as a reminder that although he is retiring, his legacy of compassionate, patient-centered care will be remembered always.

Now, Therefore, I, Sara Post Meyer, Mayor of the City of Cuero and on behalf of our governing body and the citizens of Cuero, do hereby present this Proclamation to Dr. Raymond R. Reese as a testimonial to the faithful and dedicated services which he has performed for the past 60 years, with our best wishes for continued success and happiness in the future.

Dr. Reese shared several memories and thanked all attendees. Larry Krupala, former CEO of the hospital, shared, “This gentleman led us when it was time to build a new hospital, leading us on what to do and where to do it and it all paid off with the building of what is Cuero Regional Hospital.” Krupala added, “What Dr. Reese says and does, you had better take it seriously. He’s made a tremendous contribution to this community and I know it’s going to be difficult for you to slow down. And, if you can’t, let me know,” joked Krupala.

Dr. Reese shared it took seven years between when the seed was planted for a new hospital and the hospital’s opening in 1970. “These things don’t happen overnight, they take time,” said Dr. Reese. It’s been great; we have a great hospital, a great crew and great nurses.”

He shared about a code that was called one Saturday morning, in which Dr. Reese even recalled the room number, 205. He shared that he came up the back elevator, went running down the hallway, made the turn around the corner and a sign said “Wet Floor.” Dr. Reese got a hearty laugh from the crowd as he shared how he went ‘sailing down the floor.’

Falcone shared how she wasn’t sure what she will do without him stopping by her office to visit and keep her up to date with what is happening on the floor and in the clinic. To which Dr. Reese shared how well the two get along, going into detail on how proud he is of Falcone’s daughters with one that played soccer at UT and one at Trinity, Falcone’s granddaughter and another on the way. This is a testament to how deeply Dr. Reese gets to know his patients and his colleagues.

Solis, his nurse at Cuero Medical Clinic for the past four years, shared the incredible memory he has, noting that Dr. Reese remembers the patient’s personal details of their life’s celebrations as well as troubles. She recalled an instance where he shared memories of delivering a patient’s child some 30 years after the delivery occurred. “Dr. Reese remembered these important details and could easily recall them.”

He was very detail-oriented as well as humble, patient and caring. He would often call throughout the day to check on his patients on the floor, and if needed, he could consult with medical specialists to ensure the best care for each of his patients.

Solis shared that he is a man of strong faith and if patients were struggling in their lives, he would always mention church. “He would encourage patients struggling to put God in their life and to find a church. And, ‘if you can’t find a church, I know one,’ he’d say.”

She said, “He is a Godly man and never said an unkind word in the past 37 years that I’ve worked around and for him. He would remind the staff that all of our patients are God’s children.

Solis closed by sharing how the day would end at Cuero Medical Clinic. “The staff would say goodbye to Dr. Reese at the end of every day and Dr. Reese always replied, ‘I’ll see you tomorrow the good Lord willing and that the creek don’t rise.’

Lynn Falcone, CEO at Cuero Regional Hospital, shared “We are honored to have had Dr. Reese serving our community with the utmost compassion over the last 60 plus years and we wish him the absolute best years of retirement. He is loved by all and will truly be missed.”