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Leadership Culture Award Presented to CRH Senior Leadership Team

Friday, September 27, 2019

As an honored partner of Cuero Regional Hospital, CereCore is pleased to announce that TORCH (Texas Organization of Rural Community Hospitals) recently awarded this outstanding organization with the Leadership Culture Award at their Fall Conference. Each member of the CRH Senior Leadership team received an award at the Sept. 26 Board of Directors meeting.

This award recognizes Cuero’s leadership team for their ability to overcome a significant challenge with remarkable teamwork and innovation, community stewardship and service culture, outstanding performance as evidenced by quality outcomes, patient satisfaction ratings, organizational performance, and engagement in state or federal advocacy efforts by the entire governance and leadership team.

Since 2016, Cuero has undergone significant organizational changes and has made every effort to improve their operations, reinforce their mission to serve their patients with excellence, and bolster their reputation within the community. These changes include an affiliation with Methodist Healthcare System, senior team members’ involvement on local and regional committees to keep the organization visible and attentive to the communities’ needs, holding monthly staff and 1:1 meetings with each employee to find out what issues need to be addressed, and the development of an accredited stroke program. Additionally, Cuero tapped into their innovative drive to establish a telecardiology program to keep patient care local. Through a partnership with Access Physicians in January 2019, Cuero has treated well over 125 patients and has kept an estimated 75 patients local and avoiding a transfer. And in August 2019, Cuero embarked on a telepsych clinic to address the need for treatment and the lack of mental health resources within the community.

Cuero has made great strides in financial stability, has seen significant increases in their patient satisfaction scores, staff engagement scores, and has made several significant advances in the hospital, home health agency, and 5 rural health clinics in order to provide quality health care to the Cuero community and surrounding areas. This award is well deserved and CereCore is proud and honored to be affiliated with this leadership team and organization as they continue to grow and evolve.

About Cuero Regional Hospital

The dreams and labors of love of many of our past founders have created a community-minded healthcare system over the last 120 years that is continuing to grow today. Since 1970, Cuero Regional Hospital has served the citizens of Cuero, Goliad, Kenedy, Nixon, Westhoff, Yoakum, Yorktown and all rural communities that lie between with pride and care. In 2017, CCH was rebranded Cuero Regional Hospital. To learn more, visit

The Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals (TORCH):

  • PROVIDES advocacy to elected officials and governmental/regulatory entities on rural and community health issues
  • DEVELOPS specialized programs, education, activities and services for rural and community hospitals
  • SUPPORTS local access and delivery of health care service to the community residents and leverages the collective power of rural

​We believe there are always challenges, but new strategies will allow us to significantly enhance TORCH and its capacity to serve its members. Working as a more integrated organization, we envision the development of new services that will benefit rural hospitals, embracing everything from staff education to the funding of technological improvements. Meanwhile, we will remain the only clear voice that speaks for just rural hospitals in Texas.

We also believe that TORCH takes a place on the national stage, serving both as a model of rural hospital organization and an effective voice in our nation’s capital for rural health care here and elsewhere. Our mission has and always will be to preserve our rural and community hospitals so that healthcare can remain local. To learn more, visit