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New 3T MRI Excels in Power, Image Quality and Patient Comfort

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Cuero Regional Hospital is excited to announce the installation of the SIGNA™ Pioneer from GE Healthcare that combines the advancements in MR with the sophisticated engineering of a 3.0T wide bore system. This new state-of-the-art scanner is built with contemporary architecture that delivers superior images, as well as delivers a whole new level of patient comfort with adaptable coil designs and acceleration techniques that minimize scan times and improve image quality. This is just another example of Cuero Regional Hospital’s commitment to providing our patients with the latest in diagnostic imaging technology, as well as partnering with companies that focus on patient-centered design.

“Our new 3T MRI provides the most detailed imaging now in clinical use,” said Tyler Lemke, RT (R), CT, MR, Director of Radiology at Cuero Regional Hospital. “Typically a scanner this powerful is only available in major cities.”

This new scanner, the SIGNA™ Pioneer from GE Healthcare, allows CRH doctors to see abnormalities on a very small scale and better diagnose and treat conditions such as tumors, strokes and musculoskeletal diseases or injuries. “Another benefit is the faster scan time – in fact, it cuts scanning time almost in half compared to traditional machines, allowing us to accommodate more people who need imaging, as well as a better experience for our patients,” said Lemke. While safe and painless, the MRI’s tunnel-like container and buzzing, hammering noise can make some patients feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. “The larger bore – tube where patients are scanned – can help those that feel claustrophobic feel less anxious, and it can accommodate up to 550 pounds,” said Lemke.

“Thanks to community support and foresight from our board of directors, we were able to upgrade our MRI capability with a high-tech scanner with increased magnetic strength that yields shorter scan times, as well as improves image quality, maximizes patient comfort and excels innovatively, allowing us to visualize the body like never before,” said Lynn Falcone, CEO of Cuero Health. “It improves the imaging experience for our patients and delivers a quality of scan unmatched in the area,” said Falcone.

“The 3T MRI allows us to do different types of examinations and high-resolution studies that we
couldn’t do previously with the last MRI,” says Dr. Bruce Tharp, a board-certified radiologist at Cuero Regional Hospital. “The scanner improves the imaging capabilities for small musculoskeletal structures, as well as for organs, such as the eyes, ears, heart and prostate gland. Being able to offer this level of studies at a rural hospital is a huge win for both patients and physicians.”

And, for area women, this may be the biggest benefit: Breast MRIs are now possible with the new 3T MRI. If an MRI is needed – for example due to high risk for breast cancer – patients are able to have it done at Cuero.

“The addition of state-of-the-art 3T MRI at Cuero Regional Hospital is part of our ongoing effort to use the best technology available. 3T MRI will improve patient care, quality and comfort, which are highly important to our staff. We will be able to detect and diagnose a range of health issues faster and more effectively than ever,” said Dr. Paul Willers, Chief of Medicine at Cuero Regional Hospital. “Having this level of diagnostic technology right here at home is incredible and a great asset to the community we serve.”

For more information or to schedule your 3T MRI, call 361-275-6191 or learn more at See the latest video on the MRI at Cuero Regional Hospital here:

Cuero Regional Hospital is located at 2550 N. Esplanade in Cuero, Texas and offers an ED- Level IV Trauma Center, on-staff General Surgeon, and a TeleStroke program, as well as TeleCardiology and TelePsychiatry program. For more information, visit or call (361) 275-6191.


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