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Resilience: An Open Letter from Cuero Health

Monday, March 23, 2020

Contact: Lynn Falcone, CEO

Resilience: An Open Letter from Cuero Health

At Cuero Regional Hospital and across our Cuero Health organization, which include Cuero Home Health, Cuero Health clinics & Cuero Wellness Center, we’re no stranger to threats or crisis. We deal with them, sometimes even daily. When it comes to safety, we are focused each and every day on this critical issue for our patients and staff. Our safety officer, environment of care committee, and disaster preparedness are just some of our focuses that we drill for regularly.

Some may say that managing life-threatening situations is part of business as usual for a healthcare system. And it’s true. Our Cuero Health staff is highly trained for this current environment.

Thankfully, that’s exactly what has helped us build a sharp set of best practices and a robust network of leader response teams, who help us mobilize quickly and scale accordingly in times of need.

As the threat from the COVID-19 virus is amplified, so are our efforts. Here are just a few of the steps we are taking to assure uninterrupted care:

  • We’re limiting entry into hospitals and clinics so anyone who enters into patient care areas can be carefully screened, and masks can be provided to those who need them.
  • Precautions taken to treat patients with COVID-19 symptoms are similar to those taken to treat patients with influenza, with restricted visitation to limit exposure. This is commonplace procedure for us during any flu season.
  • As always, cleaning to prevent the spread of infection is occurring throughout all of our care sites.
  • Should we have a patient requiring hospitalization with COVID-19, these patients will be cared for in isolated areas of the hospital, so we can safely provide continuous care for all other medical needs.
  • We are developing innovative ways to provide care and decrease the number of people physically having to come to our hospital and clinics, including the launch of telephone provider visits starting Tuesday, March 24 and a drive-thru laboratory testing (routine lab work).

As this latest threat evolves, we are collaborating with federal and local health agencies, providing timely and practical updates that will help contribute to accurate reporting and consistent guidelines. While our immediate priority remains on the well-being of our patients and our people, we know that sharing insights can impact care far beyond the communities we serve.

To keep you informed on the latest updates from Cuero Health, we invite you to visit or follow us on Facebook: Cuero Regional Hospital.

In the face of a threat, we don’t panic; we prepare. In the weeks ahead, and as always, we are here when you need us. We are in this together. Neighbor helping neighbor. Providing safe, quality care close to home.


Lynn Falcone, CEO

Cuero Health