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Wear Red, Go Red Photo Contest Winner!

Community news | Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Wear Red Photo Contest Winner!

Amanda Gomez submitted the winning photo of her cousin, Mia Garibay. Amanda is presenting her winnings - a $100 HEB gift card and 3 month membership to Cuero Wellness Center - to Mia's parents!

Here is more about Mia:
Mia Garibay is the daughter of Travis and Desi Garibay. Mia is a 9 month old heart warrior.
She loves her brothers, kisses from mom and dad, her puppy, music, bath time, and food.
When Desi was 20 weeks pregnant, she found out Mia was having issues with her heart. She was sent to a fetal cardiologist who diagnosed Mia with hypoplatic right heart syndrome, tricuspid valve stenosis, and pulmonary valve stenosis.
- Hypoplastic right heart syndrome is a rare cyanotic congenital heart disease with underdevelopment of the right ventricle, tricuspid, and pulmonary valves.
When Mia was born, she stayed in the PICU/NICU for a month before she was able to come home. During her stay (when Mia was a week old) she had a balloon catheterization done. This procedure was done to open up her blood flow in her pulmonary valve and then they put in a PDA stent. The stent was put in for circulation since Mia’s heart learned to function using that duct.
Mia has been doing well, and she is now preparing for heart surgery. Mia will be having the Glenn procedure done soon since her right ventricle is under a lot of pressure. The Glenn procedure will be to make the blood from her upper body bypass her heart and go directly to her lungs.
We are forever thankful for the cardiology team at Driscoll. Since her diagnosis they have come together many times and put the best treatment plans in place for her. We are not sure if Mia will need future surgeries, but we know she will have a strong team behind her during her journey. Mia, along with all her heart warrior friends, are truly inspiring. February will always be a special month for us to celebrate.
Thank you,
Travis and Desi Garibay