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Yorktown Medical Clinic Welcomes Dale Denton, D.O. and Prepares for Dr. Gordon Barth’s Retirement

Monday, July 27, 2020

Yorktown, Texas: Yorktown Medical Clinic is pleased to announce that Dale Denton, D.O. will join the practice on August 3, 2020 and will assume the position of Yorktown Medical Director upon the retirement of Dr. Gordon Barth on Sept. 15, 2020.

“Dr. Barth has been a key to our success at Yorktown Medical Clinic and has been an asset to the patients he has served over the years. We wish him the best as he reduces his hours and prepares for retirement in mid-September. Having Dr. Barth’s level of experience on staff at the clinic has been incredible and, with the onboarding of Dr. Denton, helps to ensures compassionate medical care to the patients we serve,” said Denise McMahan, RN-MSN, Assistant Administrator at Cuero Regional Hospital.

“Cuero Health continues to provide compassionate care to those we serve in the Yorktown community. We want to ensure that a high level of medical care is delivered, as well as high touch care is provided to all patients in the Yorktown and the surrounding areas we proudly serve,” said McMahan. “Having Dr. Dale Denton on our Yorktown team of providers greatly helps us in reaching this high level of care.”

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