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Policies and Rules

  • Members must wear shirts (covering the chest and back) at all times in the Center.
  • Members must be properly attired in standard workout clothes while in the exercise areas.
  • Rubber-soled footwear (e.g. tennis or aerobic shoes) must be worn at all times in the exercise areas, as well as in the entire Center. Boots, opened-toed shoes and non-workout footwear is not allowed. If your shoes are muddy, please DO NOT walk through the Center.
  • No children allowed on workout floor at any time.
  • Members are expected to practice proper hygiene.
  • While working out please use proper gym etiquette.
  • Profanity is NOT allowed and will NOT be tolerated in the Center.
  • Any member who is loud, offensive, bothersome to other members, behaves in an unbecoming manner, or who is cited for infraction of rules and regulations may be suspended or expelled from the Center. In the event of termination, the unused portion of any advanced payment shall be forfeited to the Center.
  • Return weights to proper racks when finished.
  • Have a "spotter" when using heavy weights.
  • No littering or leaving debris on the workout floor. Chalk is NOT allowed anywhere in the facility.
  • Members must wipe down equipment after each use. Stations with clean wipes are located throughout the Center.
  • No dropping the weights. DAMAGES WILL BE CHARGED TO MEMBERS. Surveillance cameras monitor activity 24/7.
  • Belongings may NOT be left in daily lockers overnight.
  • No personal belongings (e.g. gym bags, purses, extra clothing, etc.) are allowed on the workout floor.
  • No smoking, chewing tobacco or alcohol is allowed in the Center at any time.
  • Only drinks in spill-proof containers will be permitted on the exercise floor. Beverages NOT permitted in Pool Area, Play Center.
  • No member shall solicit or perform personal training services on the premises unless cleared through management.
  • Members must use the equipment only in the manner intended by the manufacturer and authorized by the Center. No free weight or loose equipment shall be used in connection with any mechanical equipment, or in any manner for which the equipment was not originally intended.
  • If you believe any piece of equipment is malfunctioning, please notify management immediately.
  • DO NOT USE the equipment if you are taking any medication that causes drowsiness or have any medical condition that makes such use inappropriate.

We reserve the right to amend or alter these rules and regulations at any time in our sole discretion. All amendments to these rules and regulations are effective immediately. In accordance with your membership contract and these rules, we may revoke or suspend your membership if you fail to follow the rules and regulations or for any reasons of nuisance, disturbance, moral turpitude or fraud. By receiving the policy information, I understand and acknowledge all policies of Bfit Cuero Wellness Center.