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Special Delivery!

Our childbirth suites are state-of-the-art, close to home and staffed with caring professionals to provide family-centered maternity care. What more could a new mom ask for? How about childbirth classes to help prepare for the big day! Free to patients delivering at Cuero Regional Hospital!

Our secure Childbirth Center offers five comfortable, homelike rooms to accommodate our patients' needs throughout labor, delivery and hospital stay at Cuero Regional Hospital. We provide a comprehensive range of obstetrical care. Our surgical suite is available for C-section as needed. Certified and skilled nursing staff, some who have been with our staff for over 20 years and many with at least ten years of experience, are readily available to care for you and your baby before, during and after delivery.

If special post-delivery care is needed, your baby will remain in the skilled hands of our OB staff within the security of our nursery. Our nursery is located within the Childbirth Center so Mom can remain as close to Baby as possible. Cuero Regional Hospital wants to make your delivery a special experience for you and your family.