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Our intensive care unit (ICU)/post anesthesia care unit (PACU) provides patients with the optimum level of attention that post-surgical, critically ill and injured conditions require. State-of-the-art monitoring systems make it possible for our healthcare team to respond rapidly to patients' needs. Immediate life-sustaining action can be taken in response to medical emergencies through staff experience, life support equipment and the latest medications. Specially trained nurses in the PACU monitor patients under the effects of anesthesia in preparation for their return to other hospital settings or discharge.

The care of patients evolves around physical, emotional and spiritual needs, with both patients and families directly participating in their individual plan of care.

ICU Waiting Area

A special waiting area is available for family and visitors.

ICU Telemedicine Pulmonary & Critical Care

Cuero Regional Hospital partners with Access Physicians, a division of SOC Telemed, to bring telemedicine pulmonary and critical care specialists to our patients. These highly trained specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and work with our on-site nurses, physicians, and staff to care for patients with pulmonological conditions and those requiring an ICU stay or critical care after surgery or because of a serious infection or illness. Partnering with Access Physicians helps us provide care here at Cuero and not have to transfer you to hospitals in different cities far away from family and friends.

A consultation with an Access Physicians telemedicine specialist works just as it would with one of our in-person physicians. The only difference is they are on a large screen that we bring to the patient, accompanied by one of our nurses and/or physicians. You and your family interact with the physician in real-time, and he or she will answer any questions you have about your care or treatment plan.

Learn more about this team of Pulmonary and Critical Care Telemedicine Specialists by clicking the button below.

Telemedicine Specialists at CRH