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Hear Our Ideal Protein Success Stories!

What is Ideal Protein?

Ideal Protein is a doctor-designed, ketogenic weight loss protocol that treats weight loss as healthcare and uses food as medicine to empower you to lose weight and live your best, healthiest life.

What tools do I receive?

Local Cuero Health Weight Loss Solutions’ Coaches provide 1:1 weekly personalized weight loss coaching and guidance, helping participants every step of the way on their weight loss journey.

How It Works for Tamy

I needed to lose weight because my joints were not happy with all of the extra weight. I can go to the Wellness Center and workout during lunch and I am not exhausted anymore. I actually have more energy now and I feel great!

Tamy Hackney, Human Resources Director for Cuero Regional Hospital

What drew you to the Ideal Protein program? I was drawn to Ideal Protein because it is not a program that you lose your weight and then you are on your own. You have 3 phases that will help me to maintain my weight loss and continue to keep me accountable.

Who was your coach and what was your experience working with her like? My coach is Bri. She is great. She is always happy to answer any of my questions without making me feel bad. She keeps me energized and encourages me to keep up the good work. Everyone involved in the program are encouraging and positive.

What are some of the most valuable take aways you have learned throughout the program? I have learned to be more conscientious of what I am eating especially with documenting what my meals are and if I have had any limited items. I have learned what foods I absolutely need to stay away from so that I am not tempted to eat it.

Are you happy with your results to date? I am ecstatic with what I have accomplished so far. Everyone can see the difference.

What would you say to those hesitant about trying the program? If I can do it, so can anyone. You have a coach that you meet with each week in Phase 1 to keep you accountable to help with any struggles that you may have.