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Sleep services

Millions of Americans do not enjoy a good, restful sleep due to sleep disorders. Using the latest technologies, the Sleep Study Lab at Cuero Regional Hospital identifies, evaluates and treats a large variety of sleep-related problems such as chronic insomnia, snoring, sleep apnea, irregular sleep patterns, narcolepsy and oxygenation problems.

Patients undergo a one or two night study conducted by registered polysomnographic technologists, who use computer-assisted recording and analysis along with observation to assess the patient's sleeping habits in a clean, relaxing, comfortable, bedroom setting. We work closely with physicians who have special training in sleep medicine. If the doctor diagnoses a sleep disorder based on the study, he or she will work with your family doctor to provide the best course of treatment to help make every night much more restful.

Ask your physician if a sleep study could benefit you!

Sleep Studies at Cuero Regional Hospital Informational Flyer