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Wound Treatment Center at CRH

Located in the CRH Outpatient Specialty Clinic

State-of-the-Art Wound Care. Close to Home.

Wound healing can become a medical problem for some individuals requiring specialized care and treatment. A non-healing wound is one that has not improved significantly within four weeks, or has not completely healed within eight weeks.

Patients with diabetes, immobilization, and poor circulation are at greatest risk for chronic, non-healing wounds. Other causes include pressure ulcers or traumatic injury. These wounds are susceptible to infection causing pain for the patient and greatly impacting their quality of life. Preventing the spread of infection and treating the wound are keys to improving mobility.

Specialized Wound Care Treatment. Right Here at Home.

Our Wound Treatment Center is a fully integrated, clinical wound care program offering experienced wound care specialists. We are committed to treating chronic, non-healing wounds with the latest technologies in wound care.

The Wound Treatment Center Provides:

  • Thorough assessment of wound and overall health
  • Individual treatment plans
  • Treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds
  • Coordination of care
  • Education on at-home wound care and lifestyle adjustments to facilitate healing

Take the first step and call your primary medical provider to discuss treating a chronic, non-healing wound. A referral can then be made and soon after treatment can begin.

Or, call 361-275-0170 for more information.

The Wound Treatment Center at Cuero Regional Hospital
Call (361) 275-0170.
2550 N. Esplanade, Cuero, TX 77954